The worldwide unique electric fondue fork

What is more relaxing/cosy than to sit together in a relaxed atmosphere with family, friends and collegues and to eat cheese fondue? Surely everyone knows this situation: All is perfect, the tastiest variety of cheese has been put together after the „best of all cheese fondue recipes“ to a great compositon of taste, the bread crumbs have got the ideal crust, it bubbles delicously in the jar- if there wouldn`t be the endless turning around with the fondue fork!

So with the KÄSEROLLI® there is finally a real solution for the turning around of the cheese! Because the turning around inherits the cheese fork itself- by the push of a button! Practical elegance instead of feeling dizzy is the motto of this elegant designed cheese fork. Relaxed and efficiently the cheese wraps around all which has been spiked on the fork. At the end, no dripping or fiddling about but perfect results.

See it in action

A perfect swiss idea - created in Germany

Swiss pragmatism

So far the manually turn around of cheese has been a real test of one`s patience, with the KÄSEROLLI® it will be a foolproof pleasure. This patent design-product is made of Swiss pragmatism and German spirit auf innovation equally. With a battery-operated (AA) revolving mechanism in the back part of the two-piece cheese fork the front part of the three-pronged fork will be moved efficently, silently and evenly.

German Quality

Design, function and use stand for a special product quality! The high-quality cheese forks are completely made of stainless steel and they guarantee a high heat resistance. The front part oft he fork is easily removable and can be cleaned conveniently in the dish-washer. Application range: it is perfect for long cheese fondue evenings as well as for melting chocolate fondue pleasures!

Luxurious delight of turning the cheese in a set of four cheese forks

KÄSEROLLI® is not only a guarantee for a successful cheesefondue or chocolate fondue but also surely an extraordinary and aesthetically gift idea. The elegant design, the noble appearance, the high-quality workmanship and the practical comfort of function represent an excellent product. The high level of quality is emphasized by a precious product packing.

Material: Stainless steel 18/10

Length: 26,5 cm

Product packing: set of four cheese forks in an elegant black gift box

Winter special price:

49 EUR / 59 CHF

Versandkosten (innerhalb Deutschlands): 6,90 € / Packung
Versandkosten (innerhalb der Schweiz): 9,00 CHF / Packung

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